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Name Jan E-mail janicecoucou@gmail.com
Date Created 2019-05-07 Count 196
Breast Surgery, Eye Surgery


I'm have some enquiry and would like to consult for the plastic surgery in the future.

I'm interested in 1) Face lift, 2) Motiva, and 3) any eye surgery to prevent skin sagging from aging.

I've have gone through thread lifting surgery. As you look at the attached image, skin-sag is serious that fat is seen in chin area and eyebag is found. I might consider invasive surgery, too if I can look 10 years younger. I've done the thread lifting, however the effect was minor. So this time I would like the proper face lift. 

If possible, I would like to know more about MOTIVA, about its price. Time will not matter I will stay in Korea for a month. Once decided, I will be able to visit Korea in the end of June, and the ticketing is not done yet. (I'm 51 years old now.)

Please refer to the attached image and let me know the price of each surgery(at least ball park), and the period of time I need to say in Korea. When would I get to receive your reply?

Will look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Thank you.



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